Advent Studio is a stationery company specializing in designing and hand-crafting custom invitations, greeting cards and other stationery products to match the style and vibe of your special event.    605.366.0902 


So what makes my stationery different from what you can purchase online? The answer is in the embellishments and knowing how to tastefully pair special papers, ribbon an twine with a standard stationery suite giving it that extra level of uniqueness.

That said, I realize knowing what is all available isn't common knowledge. That's why I wanted to create a guide dedicated to defining all the options available!

Special Papers

When it comes to pattered, textured or glittered papers, your options are pretty endless. I commonly use specialty papers in my stationery suites because they provide a fun layered look as well as provides an additional way to showcase the vice of your event. 

Envelope Liners

You can add a fun patterned paper to the inside of your triangular (european) envelope flaps to give your recipients an extra surprise when they open your stationery! All envelopes liners are custom to order so the type of paper is completely up to you!

Brads, Bling & Tapes

If you agree that details matter, this may be an embellishment option for you. Adding small circle brads (copper, silver, gold), rhinestones or fun wasabi tapes (so many options!) on your stationery or envelopes will help bring the small details to life.

Twine, Ribbon & Belly Bands

When looking for the perfect element to wrap around your stationery or pocket folder, any twines, ribbons and belly bands are your best options. Twines will give your invites that vintage look while ribbon gives you a more classy vive. Belly Bands are paper strips that can be plain or customized with a printed message.


Give your stationery that extra touch with foil printing! Gold, silver and other metallic foil colors instead of traditional black ink can be used to highlight certain headers and text.