Advent Studio is a stationery company specializing in designing and hand-crafting custom invitations, greeting cards and other stationery products to match the style and vibe of your special event.    605.366.0902 

Custom Wedding Invitation Services

If you're anything like me, in order to feel confident you're making the best decision, knowing all the options is a necessity! 

Because I can identify so closely to wanting to find the best value, it's important to me to make sure we uncover your

"best-value sweet spot" by finding what fits your needs and your budget - nothing more, nothing less. 

Uniquely You - Completely Custom Stationery

If you're looking for custom stationery that is designed and embellished to be completely "you" and extends the theme of your event past the venue walls, I will be fully-committed to working with you to make this happen!

All stationery starts at base package prices, but don't let this limit you! We can get as crazy, creative and detailed as you desire - in fact, I encourage it! Final investment is based on the elements added.

DIY Stationery

If you know your way around your local craft store, want something unique but you are trying to be a bit more thrifty and just need some assistance on the "design" part - this option might be best for you! I'll help in designing the invitation then send you a high-resolution PDF ready for the printer and you can do your thing to bring it to life! 

Templated Stationery

On a budget but desire something more than what the box invitations you find in-store or online can offer? Check out the gallery, pick out your favorite suite and I will customize it with your information! Shoot me a message and we'll get started!