Advent Studio is a stationery company specializing in designing and hand-crafting custom invitations, greeting cards and other stationery products to match the style and vibe of your special event.    605.366.0902 

Getting Started

Congrats! You're engaged! ...Or had a Baby! ...Or just decided you wanted to throw a rockin' party. Regardless of the occasion, what an awesome, exciting (yet possibly overwhelming) season in your life. Now that it is happening - it's time to plan! Let me help take off some of the pressure and keep the excitement alive by assisting you in designing your event's stationery.

So what do you say? Let's get started!

Let's Chat


Let's get the ball rolling with a FREE consultation. I'll want to take a moment to hear all about you, your event and what you have planned so far - colors, location, theme, etc. Once I understand the vibe your going for, if you're ready, we will chat about your invitation and any other stationery needs outside of the invitation suite, such as wedding programs, place setting name cards, menus, guest book album, etc.



Time to take our hard work and make it tangible! During this step, if you feel comfortable taking the reigns and doing the printing on your own, I'll send you high res PDF printer files for you to take to your local printer and finish from here. However, I understand not everyone has the time or the same fuzzy feelings as I do taking care of this part. If that's you, I'm more than happy to coordinate the printing process!



After we've gotten the chance to get know each other a bit and I've learned about your main event, your vision and your budget, I will provide you a few options based on the outcome of our discussion. Because the way I work isn't a one-size-fits-all approach, we can mix and match until we land on something that works best for you and your budget! After we've determined what option suits you best, we will get started. 



Get out the wine and snacks, gather your girls, it's time to assemble your suites! For the crafty guy or girl, this might be a fun bonding experience for you and your friends. However, if you want to leave the assembly up to me and my Hulu subscription (...always Gilmore Girls) I can dig it! I'll assemble and mail to you your final invites all in tact so all you need to do is address and drop in the mail! 

Time To Create


Now the most fun part begins! At this point we've determined the best option for you and now it's my turn to do what you hired me to do - create your stationery. During this step I will create a few concept options for you to choose from (because who doesn't like options!). Once you choose a concept to move forward with, I will build out the rest of your stationery elements and work with you until we've created a masterpiece you approve and are proud to have your name on...literally.  

So, you're not local. 

That's okay! Thanks to the beauty

of modern technology, we can chit-chat over the phone, video chat, even simply over email

(hey introverts - I feel ya!) - whatever works best for you!