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Jenae Hommes - ower, founder, custom stationery designer for Advent Studio

I'm a full-on midwesterner who loves what I do! I'm a Graphic Designer, Marketer and part-time second-shooter for a local wedding Photographer with 6 years of professional experience in all areas. In my adult life I've always had a love for editorial design, print, patterns, and pretty papers. When I had a chance to design my own wedding invitations I realized I was able to combine everything I loved about design and paper crafting into one lovely product. Fast forward a few years and I'm finally making what's been in my head and my heart a real thing.

To the brides-to-be... I'm married, so I've been through the whole "event planning" experience. Pair that with the fact that I am actively participating in a wedding more than a handful of weekends per year, and I totally get how overwhelming it can all sometimes be! That said, let me and my expertise and experiences help not only take some of the stress off what you're going to do for your invitations but, better yet, make it fun!


This Guy

My Hubby, John, who loves sports, Twin Bings and his family.


This Little Lady

My baby girl who loves

her mamma, her daddy and her collection of pacis.


Blonde Roasted. Extra caffeine. Hold the cream & sugar.


21Day Fix

Turbo Fire

Core de Force

R + R

Rest. Relaxation. 

And a good Netflix binge from this comfy chair.

/ Ad vent /

The anticipated arrival of a notable thing, event or person.

When coming up with a business identity, I knew it had to encompass both what my business was about and my personal values.

Advent" is a word that describes a season of anticipation and it seemed to fit perfectly. 

It describes the period of time in which you anticipate the arrival of a wedding day or special celebration and being with those you love - or the arrival of the stationery itself being delivered to your or your guests mail box. From a personal perspective, "advent" describes my time here on earth where, as a Christian, I try my best to live out Matthew 28:19 and share the words taught in Ephesians 2:8-9.

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